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International Door-to-Door Transport Prices min990$ max9900$

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The functioning of our service takes place in a very regular and disciplined manner. You can contact with our company by phone or e-mail at the first stage and give information about which countries and cities will be transported.

If the locations where the goods will be transported are within the scope of our company's working area, we can come to your home and calculate the cost and transportation time. Then, we will issue prices according to the distance between the destination and the place of international door to door transport and share with you.

After the examination, analysis and calculation stages, we make a contract as a result of mutual agreement and we guarantee that we will carry your goods safely and happily between your old and new address.

Documents for International Door to Door Transport

•  Photocopy of identity card

•  Photocopy of the passaport

•  Notarized Letter of Attorney

•  Address information obtained from the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs

•  Residence of the new address

How to Determine International Door To Door Transport Prices?

The distance between the two addresses you will move, the total volume of your belongings, and the additional service you receive during the international door to door transport will have an effect on the cost of moving.

How Can You Find Out the Volume of Your Belongings?

In fact, the number of rooms in your previous home or workplace gives information about the volume of things, even if it is not 100 percent accurate. In general, shipping companies are also based on your number of rooms to estimate prices.

Packing of Goods During International Door To Door Transport

Our team applies different packaging techniques while packing your belongings, taking into consideration the characteristics of each item. Moving furniture with soft drapes prevents scratches. We also wrap paper-like things such as cups, plates and ornaments to prevent them from being broken during transportation.

In particular, great efforts are made to transport electronic and fragile goods without damage through international door to door transport. We put electronic products such as computers, cameras, game consoles, printers and TV in special places in our vehicles.

Loading of Goods to Our Vehicles During International Transport

Our professional colleagues carry out the packaging process for each item in a special way and make the goods ready to be loaded into the vehicles. Our modern vehicles are designed with the most suitable equipment for transportation.

Transportation services are an important issue based on experience and corporate missions. When it comes to moving your home, workplace or office, you will be pleased to receive support from a specialized international door to door transport company as long as possible.

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